Trade Finance

We Assist Businesses in Procuring the Capital They Require to Thrive

Expensive or inadequate financing very often restricts companies from undertaking lucrative projects or expansion activities. Nuevo Asia works with such companies helping them remove such constraints by developing an in-depth understanding of their businesses and long term goals. These companies are able to benefit from Nuevo Asia’s close relationships with the regions banks, non- banking trade finance institutions, insurers, private investors and other market participants.

Nuevo Asia has executed over 100 transactions for traders and other seekers of working capital across the commodity spectrum, including agriculture, energy and base metals. Many of its Clients have been able to increase their revenues in excess of 30% as a result of Nuevo Asia’s contribution to their capital requirements.

Trade Finance Solutions We Arrange

Structured Trade facilities to support back-to-back & front-to-back trades
Letter of Credit (LC) issuance and discounting facilities
Supply Chain Financing
Transit Financing
Pre-shipment credit
Open credit